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Anyone running a business is focused on creating a high-quality product or service. If you can manage this crucial step, you can lay the foundation for a company that not only satisfies customers but also starts building that one thing all entrepreneurs are after – repeat business.

However, as essential as a good product or service is, that is only part of the equation. Word of mouth can be one of the best and most powerful marketing forces, but letting people know you are here and ready to provide the product or service they need is another challenge. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide can help in this regard with numerous marketing aids such as turnkey direct mail programs.

About Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing was established by a veteran who is still the current owner and operator. As someone who served the country in the military, the founder’s next step was to help the business community in a mutually beneficial way. The company got its start in Las Vegas, Nevada, with its staff members boasting a combined marketing experience of over 50 years.

Its main focus has always been mailing lists since they are an old yet highly effective means of reaching out to clients. As the years went by, however, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has grown, expanding its range of services to include email and text messaging as well as broadening its reach. What used to be a local service for Las Vegas, Nevada now caters to clients in the entire United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, and aims to assist business owners looking to enter non-US markets such as those in Mexico and France.

What Is A Direct Mail Program?

Direct mail is one of the older forms of marketing, but there is a reason it has persisted in American business for generations: it works. Direct mail programs, as the name implies, involves sending mailing marketing materials to a recipient’s home or place of business. Physical mail, after all, is still an essential component of day-to-day activities for working Americans. In some cases, direct mail may be more effective than digital marketing techniques because so much of marketing is now targeted at email and social media that a physical letter stands out.

There are two types of direct mail programs. One is broad, where all you need is a list of addresses. This is for when you want to reach as many people as possible. The other form is targeted, which is what Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide excels in. This is where critical identifying characteristics of the desired market are compiled, and it is only to that demographic direct mail is sent. Some metrics that can be used to categorize demographics include:

  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Renter/Homeowner
  • Income
  • Veteran Status

This brings two key benefits. By not trying to get a hold of the highest number of potential customers or clients, a lot of money is saved on not printing out numerous marketing materials. In addition, more money is made in terms of business growth because the audience targeted for a direct mail program is more likely to respond favorably and seek out the business. For instance, a young, single college graduate just starting a career has no interest in geriatric products no matter how useful they are to seniors. But targeted direct mail for the same product sent to a household where you know a retiree lives is far more likely to generate a response.

What Is A Turnkey Direct Mail Program?

Having a targeted direct mail program can yield great leads and help grow one’s business since it focuses on relevant demographics. However, having effective marketing materials sent to those leads is also an essential part of success. This is where a “turnkey solution” can be beneficial for companies that don’t have much experience with direct mail programs.

A turnkey solution is an end-to-end product that is used to assist a client from start to finish. Sprint Data Worldwide Solutions offers a turnkey direct mail program that helps businesses execute a successful direct mail campaign through the following steps:

List And Area Analysis

The most crucial step is knowing who your market is and where they are. The program first identifies which markets are most likely to respond to your product. It breaks them down according to the relevant metrics, such as age and income. Afterward, everything else follows the master list that is created.

Marketing Conception And Design

The next step is planning the promotional material. You may need a bright, attractive graphic design or opt for factual, detailed advertising copy. The ideal marketing materials depend on the product or service and the target audience. This step may require many revisions until the promotional material is deemed suitable and effective.

Sourcing And Working With A Printer

The next step is the actual creation of the marketing material. This will require the use of a printer. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide has strong partnerships with printing service providers that can assist with this stage so the required number of direct mail materials is printed efficiently.

Distribution And Mailing

The logistics of mailing must be determined, and the materials have to be properly packaged and sent. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide has decades of experience in this area and can facilitate the postage aspect of direct mail. Depending on the type of safety and tracking you want, you can request certified postal mail service to be used.

Enjoy The Benefits Today

When you turn to Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide, you work with a company that has extensive experience in every aspect of the direct mail experience. If you want an effective marketing strategy that lowers your overall print run costs while generating more responses and growing your business, contact us today. You’ll get the benefit of working with direct mail experts and an American disabled veteran owned and operated company. Our services are available to businesses all over the United States regardless of the industry they’re part of.