The Travel Industry Is Ascending Again

The arrival of the global pandemic was a major blow to travel and tourism, not just for Americans traveling domestically but for the entire world. Airports restricted travel, COVID testing, and quarantine became mandatory, and for many, the threat of becoming infected was enough to put them off their travel plans for the foreseeable future. Now, a few years later, things have finally changed.
Travel is once again on the rise in many parts of the world, especially in the United States, where many Americans are focused on returning to life as normal. This has meant that more and more Americans are leaving their homes and driving to new destinations, or better yet, hopping on planes to other countries to experience different sights, food, and culture.

Because of this, the travel and tourism industry is once again experiencing a surge, and Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is here to help associated businesses take advantage of the growth.

More Opportunities For More Businesses

Travel and tourism encompass a range of different businesses with various relevant products and services. Different travelers have specific interests and needs, although all travel and tourism are, to a degree, buoyed up together as Americans once more take to the roads, rail, and air. The reasons for travel are varied, with some going for work purposes while others are finally allowing themselves a dream vacation or resuming a globe-trotting lifestyle that the pandemic cut short. Each of them has their own unique interests in products and services that are relevant to them. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has a comprehensive list of travelers for marketing opportunities, including:

Travel Leads

General travel leads are available for the largest possible number of sales leads. These encompass every type of traveler, opening this demographic up to a huge range of products and services. Whether in food and beverage for dining, hospitality for hotels or other accommodations, or general travel equipment and accessories, such as luggage, it’s all there.
If you have a product or service that would interest travelers in general, a large list like this will give you the broadest possible exposure to a range of different travelers. Demographic characteristics are less important here than the sheer number of leads available.

Timeshare Leads

The time-share concept is when groups of people agree to contribute funds to a property and then schedule when each contributor and their group will take advantage of that property over the year. In this way, many people get to enjoy having a premium vacation destination property that, on their own, they couldn’t afford, but together, they can utilize once a schedule has been worked out.
For timeshare travelers, there is a host of different products and services that are always relevant. Timeshares may be for a fixed property, such as a condominium or house, or they can be for a space, such as a campsite. This means all the normal considerations, such as food and amenities, will be of interest to timeshare travelers.

Vacation Package Buyer Leads

There are various schools of thought on the best way to travel. Some people prefer the discovery that comes from arriving at a new destination and giving into curiosity and impulse, exploring whatever opportunities happen to be available in a given time and place. Others prefer a more planned approach with specific things they would like to see and do.
For planners, vacation packages are ideal. If there’s a preference to see major sites, eat specific, famous types of food, and generally “not miss the important things,” vacation packages satisfy this need for structure. This also means products and services specific to vacation packages can benefit, such as restaurants at or near fixed tourism sites or other travel necessities to bring on the road, such as tissue paper.

Cruise Taker Leads

The cruise has always been a popular form of premium travel, especially for seniors. With a large, luxurious ship filled with activities, good food, and frequent stops at exotic destinations, cruises continue to appeal to many Americans. The cruise industry was hit particularly hard by the pandemic but is now once again on the rise.
Cruises have many possibilities for different products and services, especially those smaller travel niceties, such as toilet paper, flip flops, additional AC adaptors, and other small items that make life in the cabin more convenient.

Frequent Flyers Mailing List

For some, flying is not a once or twice-a-year event but something that happens regularly. While some people fly for work purposes, wealthier people may frequently travel for the pleasure of it. Regardless of their reasons, frequent flyers are an important travel and tourism demographic for many reasons.
Frequent flyers have specific lifestyle needs, and due to the larger amount of time spent in planes and waiting in lounges, they are much more receptive to products and services that ease the routine of air travel. Products like sleep masks, neck pillows, ear plugs, and even entertainment products are good for this demographic.

International Flyers

International flyers are travelers who spend most of their travel time in destinations other than those within the United States. Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America are the most popular continents for travel. These travelers typically spend a minimum of 6 hours in the air, often more for far-flung destinations that cross the international dateline.
International flyers are interested in a range of products and services, especially those that help make long flights more bearable. Access to an adequate number of electrical outlets can be an issue for those traveling with many portable devices, and being able to sleep on longer, overnight flights also often require special accessories. Of course, additional products and services are also of interest at the destination, with offering for hotel stays and other accommodations also welcome.

South American Frequent Flyers

South America is the neighboring continent to the United States, so it’s no surprise that many of the nations there are vacation destinations for Americans who want to experience something different without crossing an ocean or even immigrants who are returning home to visit friends and family.
When you know, the specific destination of a frequent flyer opens up a lot of particular products and services that may be of use. Language lessons, for example, may be of interest to South American frequent flyers if they offer the dominant languages, like Spanish and Portuguese, for people interested in more meaningful interactions since they regularly spend more time in these locales.

Mexico Vacation Buyers

Mexico is the USA’s southern neighbor and so experiences a sizable number of American travelers either driving directly to the border from states like Texas and California or flying there from northerly regions like New England to enjoy the warm weather during the winter season.
Because of the huge influx of Americans, various products and services have become viable. A whole range of automotive-related products and services can be important for drivers to ensure a safe journey. Even for those flying, regular travel to Mexico may entail an interest in things like Spanish language lessons to better interact with the locals or even remedies for indigestion for those times when the local food is a bit too much for an American stomach.

Orlando Vacation Buyers

Orlando is one of the most popular domestic vacation spots because of the sheer wealth of tourist attractions the area offers. Whether it’s living out Star Wars fantasies in a “space hotel” or just enjoying the ocean and warm weather in the middle of February, Orlando has something for just about every age demographic. However, for families in particular, it has much appeal.
Many Orlando-based products and services thus benefit from marketing and promoting specifically to this demographic. Restaurants are always at an advantage, enticing foodies to try their dishes. At the same time, many visitors will need to replace various products, from lost USB chargers to a good pair of walking shoes, to go from attraction to attraction all day comfortably.

European Vacation Buyers

Europe continues to be a popular destination for many Americans, especially those with immigrant ancestry in nations like the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany. Beyond lineage, however, there is a wealth of culture, history, good food, and memorable experiences in the cradle of Western civilization, filled with different languages and experiences.
Travelers to Europe from America will need various products and services. Power outlet adaptors, for example, are an essential travel accessory as different countries will have different standards for the type of plug that is accepted by a wall socket. Older electronics may also need step-down convertors to prevent them from being damaged by the higher voltage output of European electrical current.

France Travelers

France is one of the most popular European destinations and is considered by many to be the epitome of history, culture, and class. Paris has, for centuries, been considered one of the world’s most glamorous cities, and in the 21st century, this remains true.
Americans greatly benefit from various products and services offered specifically for French destinations. Tourism packages aimed at Francophiles, French language lessons, and other accessories and services all go a long toward making a French journey more memorable.

Bundled Vacation Package Buyers

In the same way “buying in bulk” can be more cost-effective, bundled vacation packages can often be a more attractive investment for some travelers. If it’s already known there will be a long journey, with many destinations, such as a “dream vacation” that will last months, it makes more sense, if it’s already been decided to use a vacation package, to bundle it with others.
Longer journeys fixed under a bundle also mean that more accurate predictions can be made about which products and services will be useful to this traveling demographic.

Resort Club Members

The resort is, in some ways, a vacation destination itself, as it takes even the aspect of accommodations at a travel destination and turns this into a luxury experience. People in resort clubs have disposable income and spending habits to reach a higher enjoyment standard.
This means that in addition to offering travel-related products and services to resort club members, the affluence of this demographic makes them more receptive to financial products and services, such as promising investments and other means of managing and increasing wealth.

First Class Airfare Buyers

First class is the height of luxury travel, with access to elite airport lounges, caviar served on the plane, and the largest seats converting over to sizable mattresses for sleeping on long flights. For those who have to travel long distances, the best way to do it is with a first-class seat. However, first class is costly.
For people who regularly travel first class, this already puts them in the upper tier of economic categories. Regular first-class flyers are elite, and just knowing this is their preferred mode of travel opens up a whole range of premium, luxury, and top-tier products and services to cater to this class that has the money to spend. Financial services and the best luxury products should be offered to these people who can afford the decadence of regular first-class airfare.

Gambling Cruise Taker

For some, the biggest negative of going on a cruise ship is “confinement” to a single location, mainly the cruise ship itself, for most of the voyage. However, for others, gambling on a cruise ship in international waters is a massive part of the appeal, which is why some cruise ships are more properly regarded as “floating casinos” where people can legally gamble at all manner of games.
Gambling cruise enthusiasts combine two different demographics into one. Some products and services are still relevant to those that favor travel by cruise ships. However, all the products and services that would normally appeal to “land-bound” gambling enthusiasts can now be applied here, including novelty items and books or lessons on improving skills at certain games, such as poker.

Senior Travellers

The senior traveling demographic should be considered. For many Americans, sacrifices made throughout the years, such as refusing vacations to work to support the family, are now showing their rewards in retirement with dream vacations they had fantasized about for years.
Many seniors will spend significant amounts on travel in their twilight years. This means that in addition to the usual products and services that would appeal to travelers, senior-specific promotions, such as adult diapers while on the go, products to help with mobility, and senior-friendly accommodations and transport.

Business Travelers

People who travel for business have a specific reason to go where they go, and often the most valued feature any product or service can offer is efficiency. Business travelers travel for work purposes, so while they often benefit from perks like traveling business class and using the company credit card, they are largely going to be busy, with only a little bit of leisure time during the day allotted during travel.
Products and services that help with efficiency and provide a more productive experience while on the go are always appreciated by this class of travelers.

Travelers With Pets

For some, pets are regarded as family members, and in the same way, a family wouldn’t leave a child behind; these travelers won’t leave their pets behind. However, traveling with pets presents extra challenges, especially regarding safe transport and accommodations.
This means that any products and services that would normally be associated with pet care will be of interest if a “travel version” is available, such as for food storage. Pet-friendly accommodations and transportation services are also highly interesting to this demographic, who are usually willing to spend more if it means keeping their pet happier during travel.

Space Travel Prospects

It took decades longer than many expected, but space travel is again on an upward trajectory as more private companies become involved. While low-orbit flights are still only affordable to the ultra-wealthy, a time is coming when this will become more accessible to the public.
Space travel is a dream for many, and companies are working feverishly to create a more accessible commercial environment. However, for people with a standing interest in space travel, this also makes them receptive to associated products and services and entertainment items related to space travel.

How We Can Help

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has databases available in whatever channel a marketing campaign requires. Mailing addresses, telephone and business numbers, and email addresses can be made available based on the strategy of a marketing plan. Even cellular phone numbers are available if there’s a need to use text/SMS marketing tools. These databases are regularly reviewed and updated for currency and relevance to ensure clients, such as deceased recipients, don’t get redundant contacts.
Contact details can be organized by geography. From national scale to regional, state, and even local levels down to a single neighborhood, clients can control the scale of their campaign. Details are available in demographic breakdowns., such as gender, age, ethnicity, economic class, and religious affiliation. It’s even possible to get specific characteristics such as ailments if a product or service would be of interest to people with diabetes.

If you’re trying to reach out to more American travelers, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has the lists you need. Talks to us today.